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What Do Food Cravings Mean?  


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Have you ever found yourself going for nuts or chips even though you are not hungry? Ever wondered why you need to have those peanuts before bedtime? You have this inexplicable desire for a certain food and would like to know what it means, read the following article to find out about what do food cravings mean. It very common for a lot of people to crave a certain food or type of flavor, but it is how you satisfy that craving that maters the most.

So what dofood cravings mean? Most cravings have a meaning, yet a very strong craving is a sign that your lacks a certain nutrient or mineral.

What causes food cravings?  

Before you understand what do food cravings mean you need to know that there are a lot of causes for food cravings; from chemical reactions to adrenalin imbalances. Food cravings are said to be caused by chemical reactions in the brain that causes a person to see and smell a certain food and therefore have a desire to consume that food.

Different factors trigger this reaction when you are under stress, or suffering from insomnia, or just tired after a long day’s work, you are more likely to experience food cravings. The brain controls the body, so when you see an advert on TV it is highly possible that you may find yourself craving that type of food. Click here to get answers on what causes food cravings.

Nutritional Imbalance

Some food cravings are usually brought about by lack of specific nutrients or minerals. When you are craving sugar, it basically means you are experiencing hormonal imbalances that are caused by lack of a certain nutrient. Understand what do food cravings mean and try to find a substitute for it. Craving for sweets means that your body is lacking some essential minerals.

In order to curb this craving you need to eat food that is rich in minerals, e.g. magnesium and calcium. This includes peanuts, dried fruits and other leguminous foods. Some people crave food that is rich in protein or high in fatty acids, these types of cravings can be satisfied by eating a small portion of the food you crave. At Livestrong.com you are given guides on what food cravings mean and their significance.

How to minimize food cravings?

To help minimize food cravings, eat healthy nutritious meals that provide you with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Never skip breakfast, it will increase your metabolism and prevent you from binge eating. When you are hungry, you tend to eat more than you need to. Choose a healthy diet, include fruits and vegetables. Do not starve yourself, eat the food you crave but in small portions. Before you eat something ask yourself if you are really hungry, do not eat when you are not hungry. At WomensHealth.org you are given a few tips on how to control food cravings and what do food cravings mean.

Eat enough food throughout the day, do not skip meals. Being hungry for long periods of time causes a drop in sugar levels and thus causes food cravings especially for sweet things. Foods that have stimulants like coffee, caffeine in sugar and soft drinks can cause a rise in sugar levels. This rise in sugar levels may also drop when you have not eaten these types of food and therefore cause a drop in sugar levels which results in food cravings. These types of foods should be avoided at all times.


What do food cravings mean? Food cravings vary from person to person; some food cravings occur because the body is lacking from a certain nutrient. However food cravings don’t necessary mean that you need to go out and get whatever you are craving, but to get a substitute of what you are craving. Craving chocolate does not mean you really need to eat the chocolate, try drinking coffee and see if the feeling will go away.


  •  Food craving comes in different forms, you may have craving after you have seen an advert on TV or when you have smelled the food when passing by a restaurant.
  • You may be feeling stressed and the only way to take your mind away from whatever is stressing you is to chew on something.
  • Your blood sugar levels may be low and so you find yourself craving something sweet.
  • Remember that your brain controls you, stay away from places or foods that may lead you to temptation.

 Additional Information  

  • Craving a specific food does not necessarily mean you need to go out and find the food, but try to find a type of food that will lower our cravings. Understand the meaning behind a specific craving and try to deal with the problem.

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