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Food Cravings During Pregnancy Guide


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Food craving is the sudden urge for a certain type of food and food cravings during pregnancy are a common occurrence to a large number of expectant mothers. Some women experience food cravings while others do not and doctors say it is not an unusual thing. A lot of women also feel the urge to avoid certain types of food which they even preferred before pregnancy.This is referred to as food aversion.

What do they usually crave for and what causes these cravings? Well the following paragraphs will review more on that. 

Types Of Food Pregnant Women Crave For 

A survey revealed that 40 % of pregnant women crave sweet things, 33% crave for salty substances, 17% opted for Mexican andspicy food and 10% wanted fruits or sour foods. 

Causes Of Food Cravings During Pregnancy 

The cravings are due to pregnancy hormones especially during the early stages of pregnancy. It is also suggested that some of the cravings are due to the fact that the body is working twenty four seven trying to develop a healthy baby.The cravings are caused by body needs for more calories for the expectant mother.WomensHealthCareTopics.com/has more on how what a normal increase in food intake for an expectant mother is.

Other food cravings can be the result of deficiencies in nutrition.Vegetarians for example might find themselves craving for steak and red meat(whichsignifies need for proteins) when pregnant. This might be because the body needs more iron for the baby.There is a belief among some nutritionists and healthcare practitioners that cravings for ice and strange substances like laundry starch, dirt and cigarette butts, which is commonly known as pica are associated with lack of iron in the body. 

Other practitioners also are for the idea that craving chocolate can be due to lack of B vitamins. Studies conducted show no connection between cravings and nutritional needs. The funny thing about food cravings during pregnancyis thatsome women find themselves craving for a dish or substance they swore they will never take before pregnancy. 

How To Take Care Of Food Cravings During Pregnancy 

Most experts agree that attention should be paid to the cravings, practicing the healthy ones, avoiding the harmful ones.You can for example instead of taking the nonfat frozen yoghurttake ice-cream. You can also curb cravings by taking breakfast every morning, exercise regularly and get a lot of emotional support. 

Not all food cravings during pregnancy are healthy.Expectant mothers who find thatthey crave clay or dirt(pica) will need to consult withtheir doctor. Other cravings in this category include coffee ground, plaster and toothpaste. Such a condition is known as iron deficiency anemiaand might require supplements to curb it. Such cravings will not benefit the body so they are not to be considered. 

Food Aversions 

This is a situation whereby expecting mothers might feel repulsive to certain types of food they usually enjoyed.When experiencing such a problem you need to try out substitutes for the healthy food to take at that moment. If you want to know some of the foods that normally cause aversions in pregnancy click here. 

Food cravings during pregnancy are a normal occurrenceand need to be attended to but with much care to avoid over indulgence.Half a bar of chocolate would do well than a full bar whencraving chocolate.There are a lot of ideas on how to deal with food cravings during pregnancy, just choose the ones that work for you and stick with those. 


  •  Food cravings during pregnancy are common among expecting mothers and so are food aversions. 
  • The types of food that they usually crave for varies from sweet items, spicy, salty items and fruits. 
  • Suggested causes of these food cravings are the pregnancy hormones and substances the body needs to enable proper growth of the child. 
  • The cravings should be attended to but with much care not to over indulge. 
  • Some food cravings are not good for the body and are referred to as pica cravings. 

Additional Information 

The percentage of women who crave certain types of food during pregnancy can be estimated at around 85 %.Most of the cravings normally disappear immediately after birth. Another item that pregnant women usually crave for is water and cold substances like ice. When the desire for certain types of food come you can go to the mountains for fresh air or take a book to read or even call a friend to have a chat just to distract it. You may also opt for the gym for a work out. 



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