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Food Cravings And What They Say About You  


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The following article will give you a definition of food craving; it will also state what they mean and their causes. The article is written for someone who is interested in food cravings and what they say about you. I will encourage you to take time and read the article it might not be for you but for a close friend.Do you crave for a tasteful dark chocolate while at a meeting, or do you find yourself eating a certain food even if you not hungry or hungry.

What is food craving? It is when you have a longing for a certain food, which is quite stronger than justordinary hunger. In most times foods that are rich in sugar glucose for example chocolate cake are the ones that are craved compared to foods that are low in glucose or sugar. You can read more about food cravings and what they say about you from the paragraphs below.

Food Cravings and What They Mean

How many times in a day do you crave for a certain food? Have you ever given yourself time to think about all the food you crave and what they mean? Food cravings indicate that there is some deficiency in your body. Read more on the article and try reducing your cravings. If you find yourself addicted to sugar at all times, you are probably suffering from what we say its food craving. You will have to acknowledge that when you have food craving that is your body telling you that it lacks certain minerals and vitamins. Click herefor more data on food cravings and what they say about you. 

Some food cravings are worth paying attention to, a shortage of magnesium can cause a craving for a chocolate. Instead of taking a chocolate you can take the following foods nuts, green vegetables, seeds and beans. If a person craves for red meat his body will be lacking protein.

Causes Of Food Cravings

There a lot causes of food cravings some people it may be that they are on a diet, others will be that adrenal is imbalance. If you are under stress, or suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation, you are probably exhausted a lot of the time. Let us look at the following list that can also show some of the causes

  • Alcohol:imbalance brain chemicals or minerals deficiencies 
  • Baked goods:lack of love, emotional 
  • Caffeine: adrenal
  • Chocolate:hormonal imbalances 
  • Chalk:calcium deficiency 

The list is endless get more information and sees if you crave for certain food what that means and what is lacking in your body. NaturalHealthTechniques.comwill be able to give you answers on this. From this paragraph I am sure you have seen food cravings and what they say about you.

 Cravings Have Nothing to Do With Willpower

A number of people tend to crave for cake, bananas or fat cakes most of the time food cravings are becoming a habit for some people. They are instead ways to show incorrect amount of food that you take in. Food craving mean that your body needs a healthy balanced meal. If you are tired the craving you will be of lots and lots of sugar so that you can have energy back. Serotonin is one basic feel-good hormone. What is that? Serotonin acts as a chemical messenger that transmit nerve signal between nerve cells and causes blood vessels to narrow.

 Read more about serotoninand food cravings and what they say about you. If your serotonin decreases this will be a sign that we are feeling down also your digestive system is weak. Sugars and carbohydrates release a short burst of serotonin, we will feel good for a short period of time. After that we will go back to our low serotonin.

 From the article I am sure you noticed that there is no scientific explanation for food cravings. The article has given you the ideas of what it means when you have certain cravings. If you were interested in food cravings and what they say about you then the article has given you the answers.


  • The article gave a clear definition of food cravings
  • Discussed food cravings and what they mean
  • The causes of food cravings and lastly
  • Craving has nothing to do with willpower

Additional Information

In order to reduce food cravings, your body will need a good support and lots of it. You will have to take in health food, also take breakfast everyday if you skip breakfast you will make things worse for you, because the level of craving will increase. Your metabolism will heal itself when provided with necessary nutritional support.



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From this article you will find 7 things that you will have to know about food cravings.

This will give you a clear picture of the kind of food you crave for and what each of them means to you.

This link will lead you into understanding your body’s cravings. It will be of good help especially to women.




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