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Food Cravings And Dopamine Review


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The following article will give you a definition of dopamine and also talk about how true it is that food cravings are all in the brain. It will state if food cravings and dopamine really go together.  The article is written for someone who is very concerned about yearning for foods and dopamine and who wants to learn more about the subject. Food cravings and dopamine what is it really?

 Dopamine is a neurotransmitter or a chemical in the brain that either increases or reduces the activity of neurons which are nerve cells. Dopamine has a variety of influences on the brain function, including regulating attention, movement, pleasure and hormonal processes. Dr. Ruden discovered that the cause of addiction lies in a complex chain reaction that originates from the brain. When the system is inappropriately activated, it drives the body to crave sometimes with behavior as the end result. 

 It’s All in the Mind 

People without cravings will probably say that food cravings are all in the head. This statement has been proven to be true; it’s all in our heads in specific areas of our brain. The brain is responsible for memory and sensing pleasure and is the one to blame for keeping those food cravings coming. There are three areas of the mind which are the hippocampus, insula and caudate which are active during the food cravings. Memory areas of the brain are more essential to food cravings than the brains reward centre. If you take a walk, treat yourself occasionally and finding something sweet this will ease your mind and you will not crave more often. This makes the statement that cravings are all in the mind indeed true. Read more on food cravings and dopamine

 Nutrients, Craving and the Brain 

The brain is always producing chemical messengers such as serotonin and dopamine to tell the cells when to start, continue or stop biochemical reactions. The material that is being used here are the nutrients. If the brain does not get the right nutrients and balanced, it has been proven that neurotransmitters will be produced which will lead to the brain working slow down. Cravings may be a psychological reaction to wanting what you couldn’t have. Scientists have realized that you can’t get rid of cravings, although you can gain control over them. 

Foods That Increase Dopamine Production 

The brain generates dopamine from essential amino acid called phenylalanine that it converts into tyrosine in order to produce dopamine. The results of low dopamine may result to food cravings, poor attention and loss of satisfaction. There are foods that contain phenylalanine that will lead to the increase of dopamine this will include bananas, meat and cottage cheese.  Dopamine is important for motivation, sexual arousal and proper functioning of the immune and autonomic nervous system. To read more on food cravings and dopamine you can go to Livestrong.com. Taking foods that are high in protein is important because they will produce amino acids from protein. This will lead to the increase of the tyrosine levels in the blood.  

At this point and time I am sure that it has become clear that food cravings and dopamine are really a good combination. We have found the foods that you will need to take in, in order to increase your dopamine. From today onwards you will have to eat all the foods that have been mentioned, for your own health. For future reference you can bookmark this page. 


  • Dopamine has a variety of influence on brain function  
  • Food craving is all in the mind  
  • The brain needs to get right nutrients and balanced in order for it to function properly. 
  • Banana, meat and cheese are one of the foods that an individual should take in order to increase dopamine 
  • High protein foods produce amino acids which will lead to tyrosine levels increase. 

Additional Information 

Some of the results that you will see that your dopamine levels are low will be depression, cravings, loss of satisfaction. What cause the levels of dopamine to be low? Dopamine levels are depleted by drug use, poor nutrition and poor sleep. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol seem to decrease dopamine activity in the brain. 

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