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About Food Cravings  


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Are you yearning for that chicken breast you just saw on TV? Well a lot of people have that so don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead read about food cravings and what they mean to you.

Also find ways to overcome them and fight the urge to eat the food you want anytime there are cravings. 

What is Food Cravings?

Food craving is the feeling we all get once in a while that urges you to eat. These cravings are not usually caused by hunger but by the need to eat. It has been proven that craving for something sometimes means that your body lacks it. For example if you have a craving for foods that have carbs might mean that your body needs carbohydrates. Read on to get more data about food cravings.

These cravings are all in our head. You might want that food because the brain tells you that you want it. Three places in our brains seem to be active when we crave food which are the insula, hippocampus and caudate. These places trigger the brain on the pleasure of certain foods which may lead you to want that kind of food. These are just some of the things that you need to know about food cravings.

Gender Based Cravings

The first thing you need to know about food cravings is that they are gender based. Women tend to crave more than men. A study that was once done showed that women crave one hundred percent while men only crave seventy percent. Women though tend to crave sugar and chocolates while men go for fries and burgers.

There are certain foods that you will get the urge to eat if your body lacks or really needs them. Sometimes you crave food because you are allergic to it. Some of those are:

·         Milk – your body needs calcium

·         Caffeine - Adrenal fatigue

·         Cheese - Yeast infection or sulfite allergy

·         Ice Cream - Calcium deficiency

·         Peanut Butter - Likely mold/mildew allergies

These are not all of them but if you want to see most of them then see this.

Learning more about food cravings will help you curb yours. Food cravings can also be brought about by the environment you live in. For example, a number of women in the States yearn for chocolate. Egyptian women alternatively crave for foods that are rich like meat.

How to Stop Food Cravings

If you want to stop certain food cravings then you have to avoid other foods. If you know that you can control yourself then you can always take whatever you want when you crave for it but take it in small quantities. This means that if you want chocolate then you can eat it if you will be able to only take a small portion and be satisfied.

Other ways to stop cravings are:

·         Every time you yearn for something, make sure that you choose something that has lower calories.

·         Don’t wait until you are very hungry to eat. This may lead to you eating quite more than you need to eat which is not healthy.

·         Whenever you crave for something that you can substitute with foods with high carbohydrates then do so.

·         Since most people crave more when they are unhappy, stressed or angry, try to take care yourself and make sure that you do not reach any of the mentioned situations. Even when you do try to control yourself.

There are a lot more things that you can learn about food cravings and the ways to stop them. If you want to read more on this then you can go to Familyhealthguide.co.uk.

Now that you know about food cravings I am sure that you can curb them. So every time you want that ice cream badly, you know what to do. You can bookmark this page for future reference.


·         Food craving is the feeling we all get once in a while that urges you to eat

·         These cravings are all in our head

·         Three places in our brains seem to be active when we crave food which are the insula, hippocampus and caudate

·         Food cravings differ with gender

·         Craving for food sometimes means that your body needs it or you may be allergic to it

·         Try to avoid foods that you usually get the urge to eat

Additional Information

Women usually get food cravings when they are pregnant or when they are on their periods. Most pregnant women crave for foods that they don’t usually eat when they are not pregnant and these foods are usually needed by the baby.

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