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Curb food cravings introduction

It has been proven that food cravings or failure to stop food cravings is a sign of hormonal imbalance caused by a lack of healthy nutrition and the way to stop food cravings is not based on your will power or lack of. In this website we will introduce you to the real truth about food craving and how you can stop it hands down.

Have you ever felt guilty about eating too much? Labeled yourself a weakling who cannot control himself or herself? If yes, then you are not alone and it's pity how lack of information can actually make the situation worse wherein we think we are trying our level best to stop food cravings.

what we call our eating disorders while in actual fact we are exacerbating it.

Don't go out buying any book about how to stop food cravings before you take some time and read the content on this site. We will first tell you more about the science behind food cravings.No! no! don't stress it's nothing complicated just what you need to know. We will teach you about your body so that you would be in a position to use natural ways to control food cravings. Then we will recommend some foods to eat in order to be on your way to conquiring your cravings.

What causes food cravings?

It is argued by some researchers that food cravings are body's way of "demanding" nutrients it lacks. For example, sugar cravings can be caused by low blood sugar levels. Of course some cravings can be based on other various physiological needs. Carbohydrate cravings by people who exercise a lot could be caused by a reduction of glycogen stores, which carbohydrates replenish.

1) Exhaustion

When we have exhausted our body, we have low blood sugar and/or low serotonin and the brain will pick up the signals and you will feel the cravings. This will usually be sugar cravings or carbohydrates.

Serotonin makes us feel good. If this hormone is low in our bodies, we feel sad or depressed. A reduction of serotonin can be caused by a hormonal imbalance or weak digestion. The fact is carbohydrates and sugars release only a small amount of serotonin: we may feel good for a moment but it takes a short amount of time to relapse and then we will be unable to stop food cravings or rather we will crave more sugar and other simple carbohydrates.

If you blame yourself for the food cravings you only worsen your mood and increase your need for serotonin. This is when you may start the emotional eating pattern. Keep in mind that there are natural causes of sugar cravings, and your carbohydrate craving is rarely just a behavioral problem. The source of the problem is more likely lack of adequate nutrition.

2) Low fat diets

Most people do not know that low-fat diet can make the problem worse. If you eat a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet the odds are good that you will eventually become insulin resistant. By insulin resistant it means your body stops responding to insulin which is responsible for maintaining stable blood sugar levels by telling the body's cells when to absorb glucose from the blood stream. So it doesn't matter how much you eat, if you are insulin resistant you will gain weight eventually. While you gain weight your cells will not be able to absorb the glucose you need, so they send a message to your brain that you need more sugar (carbohydrates). You can guess what will happen after that; yes - exactly, continuous food cravings.

Linda Moran a diet survivor says,

" After my fourth baby, I innocently went on a diet, and ended up with an eating disorder for my troubles. Fortunately, I knew how to use a branch of psychology called cognitive therapy, and my recovery was fairly quick"

In her highly accredited book, How to Survive Your Diet and Conquer Your Food Issues Forevershe writes about where she went wrong in her own dieting life, and how she got on the right track permanently."

3) Adrenal fatigue

If you have difficulty sleeping or under a lot of stress you probably feel tired most of the time. This will lead to adrenal exhaustion. Now, again your brain will pick up the signals and you will start to feel a craving for something to consumer in order to lift your spirit. You will find yourself eating Carbohydrate snacks or drinking coffee or even alcohol all of which will add on to your cravings as discussed earlier. This will make it even more diffucult for you to stop food cravings.

Now take some time to go through the information contained in this site, which offer some strategies relating to food.You will learn more about the hormones in your body and how to curb food cravings for good. It is not as hard as many may say. With a litle bit of knowledge and committment you will conquire food cravings and control your weight and life. We recommend that you start by reading about Serotonin.

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